Dmitry Pavlov | Remote Blazor, ASP.NET Core Developer
HELL0 W0RLD! 🤖 c0d1ng mach1ne: #c0ffee => #c0de

I'm Dmitry Pavlov

World-class .NET Freelance Contractor

I am a top-notch .NET developer freelancing worldwide. I have been coding for more than 20 years. I mostly deal with ASP.NET Core and Blazor (C#, .NET Core) software development stack these days. I would consider only 100% remote opportunities. I apply SDLC, -ilities, OOAD, SOLID and other engineering kung fu... But always try to use KISS principle. Top 1% on Stack Overflow. Top 3% of Freelance Developers. 9 Microsoft MVP Awards (Developer Technologies). Master Degree in Computer Science. Open source author and 37K+ members community coordinator. Sense of humor adept.

Primary Skills

ASP.NET Core 99%
.NET Core 99%
Blazor 99%
HTML & CSS 72%
.NET Framework 99%
C# 100%
Web Services 99%
API Development 95%
SQL 73%
Entity Framework 95%
JavaScript 75%
Software Architecture 99%

I write really good code

It's always smart, clear to understand and easy to maintain. My clients call me the Coding Machine. :)


  • Dmitry has been a very valuable member of the team, being very competent and capable of working with minimal supervision.

    He asks probing questions and adds a lot to team culture with his unique sense of humour.

    Guy Beauchamp Head of Platform Development at Oxford VR
  • Dmitry is a positive and friendly addition to our team. It was a pleasure to work with him.

    His enthusiasm, work ethic and desire to "do things right" means that we always have healthy conversations questioning the right course of action, which results in work done well and quickly!

  • We contracted Dmitry as the backbone of a new product team. From requirements engineering, architecture, development, hand-over, Dmitry delivered top quality, excellent communication skills (remote and on-site) and it was a pleasure to work with him.

    I can fully recommend Dmitry for .NET related green or brownfield projects at any size or scale.

    Daniel Neubauer Director Of Engineering at dunnhumby
  • Dmitry Pavlov is an excellent resource with the ability to make any project a success. Dmitry is a leader and loves what he does every day.

    I had the pleasure of working with Dmitry on a large multi-million dollar project to deliver a social impact platform for a Top 100 Non Profit organization.

    Lantre Barr Founder & CEO of Blacc Spot Media
  • Apart from demonstrating excellent technical knowledge, Dmitry's drive to work, curiosity and ability to place interesting questions was even driving force for developing one of the Dunnhumby's internal products.

    He is very easy to communicate with and even when Dmitry's finished his contract he was able to help fellow developers tasked with a similar problem.

    Anna Slastnikova Software Engineer at Zühlke Group
  • Dmitry was a real asset on our project. The speed that he assimilated information from developers that were leaving was impressive. Very quickly he became a "go to" expert on the project.

    Dmitry is a great collaborator, building networks quickly and easily and always eager to share his expertise with others to benefit the project. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Dmitry again.

    Rich Topliss Product Director at dunnhumby
  • Dmitry hit the ground running and has consistently delivered top quality work and supported the rest of the team with great technical advice.

    I would have no hesitation in engaging him again on my next project.

    Graham Archbold CIO at Tusmor
  • Dmitry's skills are well characterized by the fact that we hired another senior developer / architect, and he recognized Dmitry as an expert he has been following in the .NET world.

    If you work with Dmitry, you can expect full professionalism, transparent daily reporting, and excellent stakeholder management from him. This includes Dmitry asking questions that help developers, product managers, and others organize their thoughts, as well as cooperating with the rest of the development team. Dmitry went the extra mile to learn some IT Operations skills to interface with other departments of the company and fill in our temporary shortage of infrastructure experts on our projects.

    Besides all these advantages, the "coding machine" nickname describes Dmitry's effective way of working with code and writing maintainable solutions quite accurately. Hiring Dmitry is a great decision, I can highly recommend working with him on any .NET project.

    Zsolt Nagy Engineering Manager at dunnhumby
  • Dmitry was a GREAT asset and contributor to our project. A full-stack .NET developer with impressive technical skills, he learned our unusual business and technical landscape extremely quickly, was an excellent communicator, was always willing to help others and take on new tasks/challenges, and was always positive and professional despite some challenging project circumstances. A consummate professional. I HIGHLY and unreservedly recommend Dmitry for any project.

    Dave Schoonaert Event IT Consultant at Eurotech Global Sports
  • Dmitry helped us design and develop our Document management system. The project included managing documents, interacting with third party APIs and developing custom queues. Dmitry was always on top of latest technology trends and helped implementing the optimal solution. Dmitry always delivered on time and with minimal issues. Apart from clearly understanding our requirements, Dmitry went over and beyond in implementing improved set of features - which impressed our business team. Dmitry is a great person to work with and will be a great asset for anyone using his skill set.

    Nandu Majeti CTO at Ascension Data and Analytics
  • When we were looking to supplement our team, we were somewhat skeptical of bringing someone in from a third-party vendor for a short period because of the time normally required to bring a resource up-to-speed on a project. We were encouraged by Dmitry's resume and pleasantly surprised at how quickly he was productive in a complex environment involving multiple modules by multiple companies in a single repository with shared framework components.

    Dmitry was not only involved in the technical details very quickly, even considering what for many is a difficult environment to navigate, but he was also contributing to the business domain conversation with very experienced experts from the very early stages of his engagement.

    I have no doubt that Dmitry can be a strong contributor in most software projects today.

    John Niovich Senior Manager of Event Platforms at Eurotech Global Sports
  • Dmitry is professional that always takes the time to support anyone in the team. He has a very impressive background and profile and I can strongly recommend him as a professional.

    Well motivated and insightful programmer with a great skill to analyze and summarize ideas. His technical skills and dedication makes Dmitry to view solutions instead of problems.

    Wojciech Sowa Technology Advisor / Team Manager at Making Waves
  • Dmitry provided innovative solutions to our total software migration/rewrite project. His ability to completely understand the business logic behind our proprietary software allowed him to show us new and creative ways to streamline our processes while at the same time creating more flexibility in how we provide our services to clients. We are extremely pleased with his work.

    Jerry Patterson Project Manager at ARI Starpointe
  • Dmitry is very detail oriented. He has demonstrated excellent technical leadership skill. He has taken responsibility of the entire development of the HRIS-Inbound component. He is the go to person for any outsourced development activity for the Exigen Team (related to this project). He led the development on DataFlux implementation (without any formal training) and .NET service and component development. He also led and developed the Configuration User Interface where on several occasions he has come up with alternate design/flow options which have been accepted by the business team. It has been a pleasure working with Dmitry.

    Jamshed Palsetia Director Architecture/Engineering at Mercer
  • Dimitry works as a technical lead consultant to Mercer on a new development H&B mid-market project. He has demonstrated excellent technical skill using .net and dataflux technologies (which the team learned without formal training). He has proved to be a good leader to his development team and demonstrates good english skills when communicating with US Mercer. He is thoughtful, analytical and remains calm in the face of stressful situation. I very much enjoy working with Dimitry.

    Deborah Stadnicki Technology Business/Systems Analyst/PM at Mercer
  • Dmitry is a professional software developer. Dmitry has excellent coding skills, but is also very good in communicating about design documents, project status and other work context issues.

    David Solinger Senior Software Engineer at T-Systems NL

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